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To secure and protect compensation after a brain injury.

It’s understandable that life after a brain injury or illness can be filled with pain and confusion. You’re left searching for answers and preparing for what could come next. You can hope for a better future, or you can plan for it.  

This guide is the ultimate planning tool to secure your financial future after a brain injury.   You will be meticulously guided through 13 areas where the legal system can have a massive impact on your quality of life.  

All of these areas have been aggregated into one simple document for the first time by Brain Injury Australia's trusted legal partner, Emily Billiau.

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If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where a close family member has experienced a brain injury, there will be times when you wonder how you will pay for everything. 

Exploring your compensation options is critical, and Emily Billiau, the trusted partner of Brain Injury Australia, is the best person to do that for you.

Emily is a principal at McInnes Wilson Lawyers, a national full-service law firm, with over 300 staff.

Emily is an accomplished compensation lawyer and will help you lift the veil on the many ways our complex, and sometimes mysterious, legal system can help people living with a brain injury.

Fields of La​​​​w That Impact Upon Those living with A Brian Injury

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